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Calm Down Now: Panic & Anxiety

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✩STOP ANXIETY & PANIC ATTACKS NOW✩ ☼5-Star Rated App For Stress Relief & Sleep Aid☽
Do you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks? Issues sleeping from jet lag or insomnia? Having trouble managing stress from work and life? Have a baby that wakes up frequently at night? Calm Down Now™ is the leading app for relief from these everyday problems. Listen to guided relaxation audios, learn empowering techniques in the animated handbook (including tapping eft) or custom mix a variety of your favorite relaxing sounds. Combining the top methods for instant relaxation and overcoming anxiety, this app empowers you every time!
Created by noted psychotherapist June Tomaso Wood, LCSW to accompany her forthcoming book Calm Down Now™. Her experience in using these techniques has proven effective in reducing stress and anxiety in her life and in all the lives she has touched as a psychotherapist for the last 30 years. This is the definitive app for finding instant comfort during difficult times. _____________________________
With Calm Down Now™ You Can: - RELAX FAST with the best methods available - SLEEP DEEPER using customizable relaxing sounds - MEDITATE EASIER using customizable timer for sounds - EMPOWER YOURSELF using animated handbook with top techniques - FIND THERAPISTS nearby who can help _____________________________
FEATURES √ 4 Guided relaxation audios, including Stop Panic Now & 2-Min Mediation √ 3 Animated empowering techniques, including the popular Tapping in Tranquility (eft) & Positive Affirmations. √ 24 High quality relaxing sounds, including Ocean Waves & Rainy Day √ Mix your favorite relaxing sounds together to create your personal soundscape! √ Play sounds in the background while using other apps! √ Custom Timer. Choose how long you want to listen to relaxing sounds!
✩ Relaxing Sounds ✩♫Ocean Waves ♫Night Time ♫Monks ♫Cat Purring ♫Flute ♫Clock ♫TV Static ♫Rainy Day ♫Sound Bed ♫Zen Bell ♫Wind Chimes ♫Music Box ♫Light Rain ♫Crystal Bowl ♫Peepers ♫Sunny Day ♫Melody ♫Thunderstorm ♫River ♫Fireplace ♫Sitar ♫Electric Fan ♫Windy Day ♫Zen Music
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